SolarFest USA ~ Oct 4-7, 2018

About the ICSTARS 35 Acre Ranch and Facilities...

TO REGISTER: Register Online or contact ICSTARS at 660-747-7782.

For Further information, see our Ranch Map.

CAMPING INFO:  Tent, Trailer and Van camping is welcome and recommended at the ICSTARS ranch at no charge. Campers have a choice of multiple fields for parking, observing and camping.  Lower fields are flatter, hay fields and can accommodate over 1000 campers.  Porta-potties will be located in camping areas. Upper fields are closer to facilities and services, but are less flat.

RV INFO: Electrical service is available for 4 (FOUR) of RV's on a first-come, first serve basis. Please contact ICSTARS for availability status of electrical RV hookup service.   There are no sewer hookups or dump stations on the ICSTARS Ranch.

ROAD CONDITIONS: The ICSTARS Ranch is situated on a paved (blacktop), 2-lane county Highway. The turn-in access to the Ranch is 3 lanes wide and will accommodate a full length Tractor Trailer or RV. Roads on the Ranch, when available, are gravel only. Some areas such as parking lots and camping spots will be unpaved pasture. Soft, wet ground will be noted when discovered to avoid driving difficulties.

WIFI: ICSTARS Ranch offers limited bandwidth WiFi access. Guest logins will be published to participants on-site.  Range and bandwidth of wifi transmissions are not guaranteed; especially in larger camping areas of the back 40.

MEALS: Monday-Wendnesday,catered lunches are offered at a cost of $9.00 per person.  Organized activities Mon-Wed end at 5pm.  No dinners are offered during this segment of SolarFest. Warrensburg and the surrounding area are home to a number of dining locations well suited for meals and networking.
Thursday - Saturday catered lunch and dinner are offered at a cost of 9.00 pp (lunch) and 12.00 pp (dinner).

BATHROOM FACILITIES:  Guests have access to flush toilets at the Daystar Factory/office, at the Clubhouse and at the Cabin. Port-a-Potties are available throughout remote camping and talk locations.

  Guests have access to limited shower facilities at the Clubhouse and at the Cabin. Shower access is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests are responsible for self-scheduling and showering toiletries. Hot water is installed, but status of water temperature cannot be guaranteed.

BULK WATER: Campers who need water re-fills for camping needs will have access to water sources for any refilling required.

BURN CONSIDERATIONS: Fires for cooking or bbq are not prohibited. However, campers must be aware of additional fire risk in crowd situations and dark sky manners when building a fire. Local weather conditions should also be considered for wind and safety of neighbors.  All fires must be fully extinguished before campers abandon them for the night. Management reserves the right to extinguish abandoned fires without notification.

INDIGENOUS NATURAL WILDLIFE: The ICSTARS Ranch is home to hundreds of species of local indigenous wildlife. This family land and adjascent wooded properties have been preserved as a non-hunted animal habitat so wildlife inhabit and transit the ranch. Campers should expect to see occasional examples of wildlife during their visit. While some are less common than others, species spotted on the property include: as Hawks, Kites, Rabbits, Coyotes, Deer, Heron, Canadian Geese, Owl (bard & screech), Turkey Vultures, Skunk, Opossum, Raccoon, Groundhog, Moles, Voles, Turtles (Box, Painted, Snapping), Frogs, Toads, skinks, Mice, Squirrel, Fox, Bobcat, Black Bear, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Wild Turkey, Bald Eagle, Indigo Bunting, Green Snake, Black Snakes, Bats and occasional ferrell cats. Guests should be prepared to encounter occasional insects such as mosquito, common ant, flies, paper wasp, gnat, butterfly, grasshopper, walking stick, praying mantis, velvet beetle, mud dauber, honey bee, moth, spider and cicada. While all local insect species are non-agressive, those with bee-sting allergies are advised to bring precautionary medication.
In wooded areas, Poison Ivy is present.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Be advised that property lines are not fenced or well marked.  Our neighbors respect our privacy and we like to be considerate to theirs.   We kindly ask our guests to be courteous to our neighbors and not to roam into wooded areas, where they can easily tresspass onto neighboring property.  We like to maintain a good relationship in order to be granted lighting control in return.

PACKAGE DELIVERY TO SOLARFEST: Should participants require pre-shipment of items to Solarfest before the event begins, or during weekdays of SolarFest, those shipments should be directed to: 
SolarFest c/o ICSTARS • 149 NW County Rd. OO, Warrensburg, MO 64093 • 660-747-7782.

AREA ATTRACTIONS:  Guests may enjoy visiting local attractions such as:

  • Whiteman Air Force Base.   
    (Group tour with limited capacity is offered.  Please contact Tiffany for details at 660-747-7782).
  • Knob Noster State Park- Approximately 10 minutes East.  
  • Morrison Observatory at Central Methodist University - Home to a 12" Clark Refractor from circa 1875
    (Group Tour to be organized Tuesday, Aug 23 or Thurs, Aug 25. Contact Tiffany for details.)
    Approximately 1.5 Hours northeast of Warrensburg. (This observatory is in the path for 2017).  
  • Truman Lake - Approximately 40 minutes south of Warrensburg.
  • Lake of The Ozarks and Bridal Cave - Approximately 2 hours southeast of Warrensburg.

Solar Information by C. Alex Young, PhD.

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