SolarFest USA ~ Oct 4-7, 2018

What is SolarFest?
SolarFest is an astronomical event for Solar Observers, Solar Researchers and generally curious people to come and learn more about solar astronomy and safe solar observation.
- Professional solar researchers will discuss current efforts and goals.
- Amateur observers will share ideas on equipment, imaging and telescopes.
- Astronomers will demonstrate solar observing with hands-on activities for all levels.
- Daystar Filters will host visitors at their facility with special equipment demonstrations and facility tours.
- Equipment vendors will be present to talk about current offerings.

When is SolarFest?
SolarFest will be a held Thursday, October 4 - Sunday, October 7, 2018
This is the time of year in Mid Missouri, when the skies offer the clearest skies for solar observing.
This is mid-fall, when daytime temperatures are typically moderate, in 60's-80's and nighttime temperatures are cool.
Statistically, this is prior to the first freeze by a few weeks and after the heat of summer is past and leaves start to turn. This should allow most comfortable outdoor activities in full sun without risk of overheating or chill. Statistical cloud cover is also at its lowest. High cirrus clouds are also less likely in this season and low relative humidity offer superior seeing conditions during this season. Also, farm harvests are usually over*, to reduce atmospheric clarity issues caused by harvest dust.

ALPO will be attending SolarFest 2018.
SolarFest 2018 will be co-sponsored by A.L.P.O. (The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers) as a special session related to Solar observing and activity. Once more information is available, further details will be published. .

Where will SolarFest USA be held?

Daystar Filters (a division of Daystar Instruments) is hosting SolarFest 2018 at the 35 acre ICSTARS ranch.
This is home to Daystar Instruments optical labs, manufacturing facility and a number of observatories.
(Moonglow Observatory code H27)
The location is a rural Missouri dark-sky site about 1 hour east of Kansas City.
The address is 149 Northwest OO Highway, Warrensburg, MO 64093

What does it cost to attend SolarFest?

There is currently NO COST ($0.00) for admission to SolarFest 2018 for pre-registered guests.
Meals are not available for walk-in visitors.

Solar Information by C. Alex Young, PhD.

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